Things You Can’t Control

I’m a control freak.

I love to lead, but when it gets to letting other people do their work, to delegating, I really struggle. I have to have a firm hold on everything or I feel like I’m losing it. Well, I kind of am.

We were at breakfast at the Quality Inn this morning and I overheard a conversation going on behind me. One lady said, “Hope you have a safe trip.” The woman she was speaking to responded with “Oh, we will.” I raised my eyebrow at this.

You can’t control that.

Sure, you can make sure that you’re completely awake to drive and that you’re not distracted and that you obey all traffic laws. However, you can’t control whether North Korea will release a Nuclear bomb or whether that semi’s breaks will fail and come barrelling right into you. Even though that’s very negative thinking, my point still stands.

There are many things that we can’t control. Here’s three of them.

1. The time we have

This comes two-fold. First of all, we can’t control how fast time passes. Second of all, we can’t control how much time we have on this earth (for the most part.)

How many times have you wished that you had more time? Me too. I feel as if I had more time my productivity and happiness would increase exponentially. However, this simply isn’t true. Things become more lovable when they become scarce.

Think about your favorite TV show. If every single scene was drawn out and cheesy, all of the scenes would become less valuable in your mind. But if there are only cheesy and drawn out scenes every once and a while, they become much more valuable cherished.

God was well aware of this principle when He created the world. We have 24 hours a day for a reason. God had a plan for this amount of time. He did it on purpose. He is challenging you today, and every day, to utilize the time that you have and to spend it wisely.

But another aspect of time we can’t control, besides how fast it passes, is how much time we have in the rest of our lives. We can’t, for the most part, control whether or not we’ll get cancer or a mental illness. We also can’t control car crashes and the breaking down or failures of our vehicles.

We can’t control how much time we have left on this earth. Spend your time wisely. No matter how old you are, you can start living life to the fullest right now.

2. Other people

This one makes me laugh. Every day, I wish that I could control other people. Then I realize that that would completely defeat the purpose. We’re supposed to be able to love other people despite their flaws.

If we could control other people there would be no collaboration. If we could control other people love would be pointless. There would be no free choice. Friendship would be pointless.

As I’ve learned about personality types and psychology this past year I have grown to understand the difference between all humans. We all think differently — and it’s awesome.

Stop trying to control other people — it will never work. Let them be them, and try to be a good influence on them.

Learn from them. Love them. Grow because of them.

You can control you. Focus on that. Your choices, your decisions, your life, are all under your control. Before you try to have an affect on other people and make them perfect, grow yourself. Take the plank out of your own eye before you take the speck out of someone else’s.

Control yourself — not others.

3. Our past

This one is a hard one.

Only recently have I discovered how great it is to not regret the past. I’ve grown to be able to learn from it. You should too. Our past is something that we cannot control. The only thing we have control over is the present, which leads into the future.

Right now you control everything. Every breath you take, every facial expression you make, every step you take, every choice you make — this is what you control. Your thoughts right now, your actions right now, your emotions right now are what you have control over.

Right now.

These are the things that you can control. Use them.

We cannot always control everything that happens to us in this life, but we can control how we respond. Many struggles come as problems and pressures that sometimes cause pain. Others come as temptations, trials, and tribulations.” (L. Lionel Kendrick)

Love, Katie

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