How mainstream adoption of crypto primitives helped us distribute $30K to businesses in need

Image of a shop owner waving in front of the Boulder Flatirons.

It was early April, 2020, and the world was simultaneously feeling very large and very small here in Boulder. …

Image of me heading off into the woods of New Zealand on a three day hike
Setting off to find myself on one of the great walks in New Zealand, in November of 2017.

“I don’t know who I am anymore” I said to my friend over lunch in late 2019. I was still on maternity leave from ConsenSys after having my first child in the fall, and was grappling with the idea of going back to work full time. …

How the future of work and globalization are changing hackathons.

Hackathons have become ubiquitous with innovation. Corporations organized 40% more hackathons in 2018 than in 2016. Hackathons designed for non-programmers have slowly gained adoption. Heck, some people have become professional hackathon competitors and travel across the world to compete for prizes.

Hackathons will continue to grow. But how? Unsurprisingly, the…

Fresh off the success of our first Labs Relay, our team at Consensys kicked off the month of June hungry to inspire the next wave of innovators to start building on Ethereum. …

An Intro to ConsenSys Labs Relays

Our Labs Relay NFT, courtesy of our friends at Gitcoin.

After spending a year as a Design Strategist and Researcher in the crypto space, I became frustrated by the constant tug of war between incremental infrastructure development that’s needed to make the space function and the grandiose, aspirational problem space that inspired many of us to join the Web3 revolution…

Katie Johnson

Program Director of Consensys Relays. Spends her waking hours trying to understand and empathize with people to design delightful experiences.

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