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What do you think 2019 will hold for packaging design?

Hopefully, conscience. Brands are under scrutiny more than ever to make their processes and products as sustainable as possible. I imagine we’ll see lots of packaging redesigns as these formats & materials are assessed. Brands should shout about these changes too — I’d always assumed you couldn’t recycle Wagamama’s takeaway packaging because it’s black plastic, but you can. I hate to think how many others have the same misconception.

What was your favourite packaging design project in 2018 and why (not your own please)?

The stand out for me was Co-Op’s own brand packaging by the talented folk at Robot Food. I really dig the rebrand so I love that these follow the same idea — it feels as though they’ve dipped back into the archives to inform the labels. The eclectic typography feels quite craft beer and having seen it in situ, it really stands up to the brands it’s surrounded by. Hard to create an own-brand that’s desirable (the Majestic Wine Jean Jullien collaboration is a great example that comes to mind) but I’d be happy (and have no shame) to have a fridge full of those little French lagers. …

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How do you think gender affects the design industry, both in terms of the people in the industry and the work created?

I’d hope it makes us more balanced. …

“In light of Blue Monday and January — what is the most depressing design project you’ve ever worked on, and why?”

Depressing is a strong word, and while I might associate it with this month and the last stretch towards lighter evenings and heavier pockets, it’s not one I would ever relate to my work (thankfully) When I’m feeling low, and in the mood for some self-sabotage, I delve into the part of the server where no-one strays by accident.

All the projects that might have been, the concepts that never saw the light of day, the ideas brimming with potential that didn’t make the podium, and a couple where the clients were so damming in their opinion, that opening the PDF is like volunteering for papercuts. And of course, that sub-folder we all have — those rare few that are filed under “never paid the invoice so doesn’t deserve…

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