Yes, and it might be just what some of us need during social distancing

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Ah, networking. The word that’s the bane of — and the key to — almost any professional’s existence.

While there’s no shortage of ways to make it happen, one platform takes a distinctly casual approach and brings some surprisingly overlooked value to the world of business connections.

Bumble Bizz, the professional networking side of Bumble’s online dating app, launched its swipe-style, woman-first model in 2017 — but that setup is not all that sets it apart from LinkedIn and Facebook.

The app allows users to filter down to exactly what they’re looking for, drives quick conversation between individual users, and…

Leaning into fear. Leaning into life.

Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

My kayak leaned slowly to the left, and then whoooooossh it flipped over, swiftly replacing my friends’ cheers with the sound of rushing water. While I hung upside down like a monkey in a tree, my boat continued to keep pace with the rapids. A (surprisingly colorful) string of four letter words filled my mind, leaving the exit instructions I’d just learned to float right on down the river without me.

After receiving a pretty scary medical diagnosis during the previous year, my mindset was more open than ever before, ultimately leading me…

And why it’s okay to let go of the outcome

Photo by Jörg Hofmeier on Unsplash

If you’ve even taken a turn down the wrong street, missed an exit ramp, or descended onto the opposing subway platform, you know how easy it is to do — and how easy it is to fix, despite the momentary frustration.

I’d been trying to meditate for what felt like a decade. In reality, it’d only been 6 months, but when something feels hard, my sense of time could get lapped by a snail. And meditation felt hard. Like causing me stress instead of relieving it, kinda hard.

I (intellectually) knew that the basic idea of meditation was to focus…

Katie Carman

Copywriter addicted to exploring the human mind, shooting hoops, and overindulging in ice cream.

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