5 ways to get in the Christmas Spirit when the ground is still Green

Growing up in the north means a couple things, but one thing in general when it comes to the holidays: there’s going to be snow on Christmas. I can only remember a few Christmases without snow and even then, usually the next day the white stuff magically appears. By the 25th there is bound to be at least enough snow to make walking a chore and at least a few hours out of the day will be spent shoveling the steep driveway.

I have fond memories, strange enough, about sliding around town whenever trying to drive to school or the store. However, I also have scary, life-threatening ones too which I do not want to reminisce about.

Just this year, I moved to Virginia and so this is going to be my first winter in a semi-tropical climate. From what I experienced during the months of August and September (talk about awkward sweat lines), I don’t think I am going to see snow anytime soon. It is already December 14 and for some reason I cannot get myself in the holiday spirit. Oh wait, the reason is because there is no snow!

I do not know how you southerners get in the mood of Christmas when it’s been in the 60s with the only precipitation being in the form of rain. To me it feels like spring, so I am definitely having a hard time picturing Santa on his sleigh.

However, I am going to try and give you guys a few tips on how to get your Christmas on when the temperature is way above freezing.


We all know the Christmas rom-coms on Netflix are actually amazing while also being awful at the same time. They are so cheesy that it becomes addicting and before you know it, it is already 7 a.m. and class starts in an hour. These movies do a great amount for your holiday cheer but also can get depressing when you realize that your going to be all alone for the holidays. So this is my warning to watch them with a grain of salt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Whether you drive through the ritzy neighborhoods or decorate your dorm room, lights can do a whole lot to raise you holiday spirit meter. There is just something about the twinkle that makes one instantly think of Christmas. If you are having trouble with light designs just visit your local Pinterest and the boards will be more than happy to assist you.


If you aren’t a visual person, then the previous two options won’t do anything for you, but maybe Christmas tunes are what you need. The beauty with all of the music sites these days, is all you have to do is type ‘Christmas’ into the search bar and then you’ve got music for days. Not gonna lie, I’ve got Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” playing on repeat. Best Christmas song ever.


Churches are awesome this time of year because Christmas is the one time a year where they have to be on top of things because of the “C and E” Christians that finally come out of hibernation. Since a church must make sure they come back for the “E” part, the “C” service usually is top-notch. And in my experiences, churches always do a wonderful job. They never fail to have a great set-up with ornate decorations and a memorable children’s production of the Christmas Story.

If all fails, just go visit family

Christmas is about spending time with family and so your holiday blues may have arisen because of lack of family time. Sometimes we all need a little family time to get our spirits up.

So there ya have it!

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