Garden & Gun: An Anthem for the South

Nothing says the American South like Garden & Gun magazine. Also known as G&G, this up-and-coming lifestyle magazine provides the southern region of the United States of America with a voice and focal point for spreading sophisticated Southern culture. The magazine covers a wide range of topics extending from remote outdoor settings to trendy home decor, giving it a natural appeal for both the male and female demographic.

G&G is a rather new publication that was first launched in the Spring of 2007 by a prosperous and hardworking Southern woman by the name of Rebecca Wesson Darwin. The magazine instantly won the hearts of Americans as it ended up winning multiple awards just in its first year of operation. Because the magazine is based out of a passionate southern city (Charleston, South Carolina) it would be fitting for the major audience to be that of the deep south, however, that is not necessarily the case. As a result of the magazine’s great success, they now reach all 50 of the American states.

Thanks to the push for less paper and more digital publications, the magazine has been very effective in its approach of keeping with the times. They struggled for a few years because of the decline in the magazine industry, but found favor when they developed a full functioning website alongside with its involvement in social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. It also benefited from its catchy and somewhat controversial title. Even though, the magazine is obviously about hunting, it also has an initiative of conserving land and developing a universal love for the earth which aids in the publication’s success. It fills a niche in the magazine world as it does a great job at connecting the basic hunting magazines like Field and Stream with the more conservationist approach to the earth much like a National Geographic magazine.

For anyone interested in writing with G&G, they do accept freelance writers. However, in their Writer’s Guidelines, they encourage applicants to rehearse their style to make sure it is in line with the magazine’s core beliefs. They ask for a writing sample with a query that consists of a cover letter, outline, and list of sources for a potential article.

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