As we head towards the end of the year, I like to take inventory of all that’s happened over the last twelve months, and what I’d love for next year.

It’s important to “complete” the year by acknowledging what’s done in order to let go and make space for the new this upcoming year. By completing we shift the energy and signal to our subconscious that we’re done with 2016 and ready to start creating for 2017.

Instead of making resolutions, here’s an activity I’ve learned for “completion” (which can be used to complete on anything, not just a full year).

You can answer these questions with whatever comes to you immediately, but for an even deeper and more thorough completion, use your intuition by accessing your inner voice and listening to how it answers these questions…you may be surprised what comes up!

At the end, choose to take the next actions to create what you’d love and feel the energy shift. Here are the questions:

-What did I create? (N.B.: This can be tangible things as well as drama, struggle, confusion, love, connection, etc.)

-What did I learn?

-What am I over? (In other words, what no longer serves me; what is it true for me to let go of now?)

-What would I love?

-What are the obvious actions for me to take next?

(You can vary these last couple of questions with others like: “What am I going to continue?” and “What am I going to create next?”)

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