“Today is a great day to die.”

We are who we choose to be in any given moment.

I heard this statement repeated a few times by fellow participants in a course I enrolled in last year. At the time I didn’t fully understand the meaning of it, and it was a bit startling to hear it repeated by others so cavalierly. But recently I heard it again and it really resonated. (I was ready to hear it.) And now I rejoice in the specific meaning behind it.

That person that you think you are, that identity that you hold, let it go. That image of yourself that you may not even realize that you carry, the one you put so much energy into propping up and keeping alive daily, let it go.

We keep ourselves boxed into a reality that we perpetuate over and over again and convince ourselves is inevitable. We start to believe that’s all there is for us; sure, we can change some things here and there, but overall, we accept our spot in life, like it or not.

That’s victimhood, that’s powerlessness, that’s empty living.

BURST OUT! Take up space in this world. Imagine yourself letting go of the person you think you are. Step outside of that suit you’ve been in for so long that you’ve forgotten that it’s just something you put on one time and never took off. Wiggle your stiff arms, shatter your porcelain surface and dance. Ignite your senses.

I see it as a journey home, traveling further into the depths of your essence than ever before, while simultaneously shooting out in every direction in an explosion of creative energy.

In the past, travel afforded me the opportunity to reinvent myself; to give myself the freedom to be free and to be my vulnerable, adventurous self, away from the world where I thought I had to be a certain way. It was a form of escapism, a way for me to run away and feed my inner most being — the part I neglected so thoroughly at home — for just a little while, before returning to “reality.”

But that reality is just my illusion, different from yours, and different from everyone else’s. So why be a slave to it? The version of myself that I so often present to the world is a cheap knockoff of the true being within me. I’ve been shortchanging myself and everyone else by showing up as that person. It doesn’t fulfill me and leaves me feeling dissatisfied because I know what exists beneath the surface holds much greater value, and it’s dying to be let free!

So, today is a great day for that you that you think you are but really aren’t, that old, worn-out imitation, to die and allow for the true essence of you to rise.