Pittsburgh: Rebuilding the “Steel City”

It’s no surprise to the residents of Pittsburgh that the second largest city in Pennsylvania is on the rise. Peeling back the layers of the once “Steel City” reveals a fresh new identity, a place that is now a hub for innovation, arts and culture. For my Yahoo News “Cities Rising” series, we took an in-depth look at how Pittsburgh reinvented itself following the steel economy collapse in the early 1980s.

CHIMP from Carnegie Mellon / Tartan Rescue

What you find now, is a new city emerging; From Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute creating groundbreaking robots, to Project RE tapping into the city’s sometimes forgotten resources by connecting builders and architects with former convicts to the Arcade Comedy Theater, Pittsburgh’s only nonprofit comedy theater.

If you’re wondering what next for Pittsburgh? I think Mayor Bill Peduto said it best:

“When I think of Pittsburgh’s future, I think of our past. It’s branded in steel, and it’s one that understands that change is inevitable, progress is not. I think that the future of Pittsburgh is one that remains a small community, knitted together by neighborhoods, and a global innovation center that will change the world.”

Watch my complete piece on Pittsburgh, a part of the “Cities Rising: Rebuilding America” series: