Day 19 : Make A Happy List

I had one of those days recently where everything seemed really pointless, and I couldn’t think of anything bright in my life or anything to look forward to. I’m still half in that state, but last night something really cheered me up. It was the simple act of cutting out some cardboard flames for my Halloween costume. It’s crazy how happy that made me.

Well, someone’s clearly just completed a difficult knitting pattern.

So here’s my personal list of things that bring me joy. Some are easier than others. Some require a certain amount of effort or energy, while others just require the right materials. A few depend upon the participation of other people.

Make your own list. But for now, if you need it, here’s mine:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Reading a great fiction book that I can’t put down
  • Drinking a mocha
  • Putting on a big load of laundry
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • Colouring-in flowers
  • Listening to a good podcast
  • Meditating (if I have the patience)
  • Yoga (if I have the energy)
  • Eating a delicious meal, that is technically healthy
  • Wearing comfortable clothes to work
  • Talking to the barista at my local café
  • Finishing an oboe lesson where my teacher was happy with my progress
  • Being asked for advice
  • Capturing a picture that is going to do well on Instagram
  • Walking somewhere in Edinburgh I’ve never been before
  • Reading an inspirational quote
  • Looking at photos of somewhere exotic
  • Singing along to a big ballad
🎵 And I am telling you…I’m not finished my happy list. 🎵
  • Finding a new musical soundtrack to learn off by heart
  • Reading a motivational article
  • Making it to the gym before work
  • Skyping a family member or friend
  • Learning something new and sharing it in conversation
  • Brunch (alone, or with others)
  • Getting up early at the weekend
  • Doing my geography quiz app and remembering all the countries
  • Juggling
  • Planning a trip
  • Smiling at a baby and making her laugh
  • Being invited places by friends
  • Giving a speech
  • Remembering something from a long time ago
  • Sending someone a letter or package
  • Finding the next book in a series
  • Bingeing a new show
  • Putting on cosy winter clothes
  • Buying a new notebook
  • Writing
Me, realising I’m basically famous because four people follow me on Medium.

Thanks for reading! The feeling of seeing how many people have read my article should also be on this list.