Entering the Matrix: 2020

All phenomena are ultimately selfless, empty and free, resembling an illusion, mirage, or reflected image. Celestial cities of the moon over water, we are optical illusions, ever-intangible, ever-emerging, incapable of being found.

Of course, I’m referring to my keys here — I can’t find them. They’ve been lost for days ;)

Hyperreality: the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies. Somewhere between 2016 and 2018, we saw the emergence of a hyperreal web of society, starting from our Twitter feeds and extending down into our hands as we grip our wheels and drive to work, mumbling obscenities at the President and fellow drivers alike.

We are a dispersed village — a former tribe, now forced to communicate with each other through invisible webs, thousands of miles away, suspended in thin air and instantaneously beamed into our hands. We keep refreshing our feeds and pretending to care, re-posting muddled messages of hope.


I’ve been looking for God this whole time. And by God I mean, a Higher Self. The “urge” for something more. If you know, you know. My lesson on this planet is to learn to BE in this skin; you dig? To learn to relax into this life, to merge the Higher self with the current self and simply… be human.

The cube of The Family shapes our reality, from images in early childhood, to breaks in the narrative during adulthood, and finally, to repurposed Instagram collages of Millennials, starting families of their own. I’ve always said that I’ve felt like I’m baking a cake with a recipe I’m not completely sure I know. I walk through colorful, endless aisles in the grocery store, sampling what looks good, discarding what smells gross.

Eventually, I think I’ll have enough tested ingredients to actually start baking ❤


gossip goat

Just a goat, who fancies herself an alien, coming to terms with the world.

Just a goat, who fancies herself an alien, coming to terms with the world.