Kristi Coulter

I have to agree with Paula Rose in that it’s incredibly preachy and condescending. As a staunch feminist and social drinker, there is absolutely never a time where I’ve used drinking as an excuse to drown my sorrows about my place in life or to try and numb the reality of patriarchy. That sounds very UN-feminist to me, to run away from or mask your problems instead of tackling sexism head on.

I’ve been unintentionally sober for 6 months now due to pregnancy, and it has not opened my eyes or enlightened me or made me look down upon those who drink in any way. I long ago gave up binge drinking at obnoxiously crowded bars full of 22 year olds, but there’s an incredible expanse of middle ground between that and 100% sobriety. If anything, I miss most having a drink with my husband at the end of the day, or enjoying a beer at a BBQ on these hot summer days. I don’t miss getting plastered and hungover, but I don’t think any adult does. I understand that for many people there is no middle ground, that drinking means getting drunk, and that’s certainly a personal struggle many have to deal with by staying sober. But that doesn’t make you better or more enlightened than those who can control their drinking.

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