I think she’s specifically talking about the kind of men who catcall.
Katie Franklin

Scott, please mansplain some more about how women should end catcalling. Please mansplain what exactly “properly addressing one catcall situation” would actually entail. What is this magical solution that no woman has ever thought of before? You really think that the kind of guy who catcalls in the street is really going to have a change of heart when the woman turns around and tells him that it’s not nice to say things like that? As someone who’s actually been catcalled, it’s much worse when you respond to these men. Men have murdered women who simply rejected or ignored them, so don’t tell me that that’s the kind of person who can be reasoned with.

Also, I never said I had an obligation to respond to these men. I said these men are the ones who feel like women have an obligation to them. Which as you said, we don’t, which is why it’s all the worse when they call you a bitch or follow you or even get violent towards you just because you exercised your right to ignore them.

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