5 Medium Recommendations

From a feminist, dog loving, student, about to embark on a dogsledding expedition with a group of amazing people.

  1. “We (Still) Need Feminism”

The author: Stëfanie Lyn describes herself as a poet, mental health activist, human rights warrior, Russian enthusiast, and excessive tea drinker. I would describe her as a feminist bad ass.

Why this article is awesome: Stëfanie pulls from her experiences to express the legitimacy and social need for feminism. Embracing feminism is key for the critical reflection of societal norms and Stëfanie is able to demonstrate the necessity of feminist considerations in relation to mass media. The writing style is captivating!

2. “Rescue Dog”

The author: Cat Ferguson, described as “journalist, dog person, general pain in the ass”.

Why this article is awesome: I typed “dog” into the search engine and was flooded with depressing narratives about mourning the loss of a beloved furry friend. Sitting in my bed with my two dogs licking my tears I was too emotional to read on. Fortunately, I found a story of puppy/ owner perseverance. ENJOY!

3. “Ski(d) Marks”

The author: Rob Pegoraro: “Journalist who covers/is often vexed by computers, gadgets and other things that beep”.

Why this article is awesome: This article is awesome because it made me want to go urban skiing. Just the name “urban skiing” is amazing. Rob captures the reader with a keen sense for detail and the ending is on point.

4. “Blizzard Survival Essentials”

The author: Brian McFadden: “Cartoonist | Illustrator | Jokesmith”

Why this article is awesome: As we venture out for an outdoor camping expedition I think it will be important to laugh at ourselves. This article mixes cold weather comedy with comic strips!

“Tales of a Professional Wanderer”

The author: Sarah Katin: “Arranges words on paper and flies places”.

Why this article is awesome: The article features a catchy and intriguing opening paragraph. The short article made me want to pack my bags and travel.

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