Do you want to shine from within?

Have you ever seen someone who just RADIATES? You know those people. The one who just exude confidence, who draw you in, who seem like they have some sort of internal light within them?

I am not talking about the kind of glow you get with highlighter and bronzer. No — I’m talking about a smudge-proof, heat-proof glow that doesn’t just look great but FEELS FREAKING AMAZING!

When I meet those people I think to myself, “I WANT THAT! I WANT TO BE THAT!”

So I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is. And it turns out, it’s a side effect of something else.

Interested? Read on my friend.

Over my career I have been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, career professionals and young people — high-powered, achievement-oriented badasses who are making magic happen in their lives and the lives of those around them. I’ve been a part of helping over 50 companies raise millions of dollars, helped senior-level employees negotiate salaries, helped mid-career professionals negotiate better titles, more responsibilities and higher (and fair!) pay. I’ve helped moms transition back into the workforce and young people find their voices to advocate for themselves.

And through this work, I have noticed time and time again in my coaching with clients (and also in myself) — there is often something going on underneath that doesn’t match what we think is happening on the outside.

What I’ve discovered is this — somewhere in the midst of the “hustle” and “grind”, the “get shit done” the “fake it ’til you make it” the “never let them see you cry;” at some point in the midst of all of the “taking care of business,” and holding up the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD and trying to take care of literally everyone around us; at some point in the midst of all of the external pressures and judgement and navigating rejection and comparing ourselves to others and trying to prove ourselves…

…at some point, if we’re not careful, our light dims, we fade away a little, we disconnect from our personal power, lose track of who we are at our core, and often even lose confidence in our own abilities. At some point, we stop truly LOVING ourselves.

It can happen slowly, steadily, piece by piece or it can come on suddenly, and then when it happens, it compounds.

We forget to stand confident in our intuition, our femininity, our sexuality, our core desires, our values, our strengths that are uniquely ours. We forget that we hold compassion AND strength beautifully and magically. We forget that we are soft and sharp, thoughtful AND quick-witted. We forget how absolutely freaking amazing we are and sometimes even we forget WHO we are. We forget to be tender with ourselves and appreciate ourselves and celebrate ourselves and restore ourselves and fill our own cups too.

So many of us tie our self-worth to our work, or our families, or our outputs, accomplishments, achievements. We fail to see the full and glorious mosaic that makes each of us beautiful and unique, as we are so focused on that one little chipped tile. Or maybe we are just so so tired and we no longer have the energy to believe that who we are is POWERFUL AND MARVELOUS AND ENOUGH.

I am convinced that we can’t heal this world if we don’t really learn to access our personal power, find internal confidence, take care of ourselves, love ourselves wholly and fully. And I am convinced that to love ourselves fully is to truly COME ALIVE.

This is the journey I am currently on. I personally, for most of my adult life have been caught in the clenches of self-doubt, body-shame, imposter-syndrome, post-trauma, fear of failure, desperately trying to prove myself instead of just BE myself. I spent most of my life never feeling like I was enough. I have slowly and steadily through my work with my coaches, reading books, attending seminars, speaking my truth out loud, listening to podcasts and Ted Talks and sharing openly with close and beautiful friends started to reconnect with my body, use my powerful voice and to love myself a little better. And when I look in the mirror, I can see that my light is burning brighter with the passing of time and the care I am giving it.

This was just a day I was feeling RADIANT — summer freckles out in force!

Because this is so so important to me, and because I am fortunate enough to get to do work that is important to me, I am offering a program around these concepts and the tools I’ve learned and used in my own journey: connecting to who we are at our core, practicing self love and self-acceptance, gratitude for our bodies, bringing more joy and creativity into our lives, taking care of ourselves, connecting with our personal power, building inner confidence and advocating for ourselves. I am calling it RADIATE!

It’s going to be magical!

So, I say, (to all of us including myself), let’s release the need to be anything but who we ARE. Let’s reclaim our personal power, that source within us that sustains us and helps us bring all of our beautiful gifts into the world, and let’s really know ourselves, believe in ourselves and LOVE ourselves. FULLY AND COMPLETELY. Let’s practice radical self-acceptance, prioritize self-care and through that, let us RADIATE that internal love out into the world for ourselves and others.

Join me?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —-

Katie Gage is the founder of KG Coaching. She is a leadership coach and facilitator who loves empowering leaders to be the best version of themselves and lead with confidence in all areas of their lives. She’s supported entrepreneurs, executives, aspiring entrepreneurs and career professionals to achieve their goals by better understanding themselves and honing new skill sets through interactive training programs, workshops, mentorship, and coaching. She believes the world needs more aligned leaders who are willing to stand in their truth, lead with purpose, from a core set of values and inspire others to do the same. Contact her at to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call.

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