What is this dumb glowing rectangle.

Long ago, during my post-college/pre-job depression I got the wacky idea to start a blog on Tumblr. I made 3 posts and promptly forgot about it for two years. Then I made 9 more posts, and forgot about it again for three years. I forgot about having dreams and developing skills and all that nonsense. Instead I spent my time fiercely avoiding opportunities for non-boring employment, adamantly denying the importance of networking, and staunchly opposing any actual trying. I am currently camping out in the social-media-ambivalent space shared by Ron Swanson and people who complain about millennials. I enjoy yelling at technology, and yelling at most things. I am going to write some words at the internet and get my brain thoughts into its cyber ears. Hopefully people will take interest in my brain thoughts but if they don’t, that doesn’t really matter because I am interested in them.