The Media plays a huge role in stereotyping. It can help sway someones opinion or outlook on someone or something which is unforutnate. Whether we like to admit to it or not, we all have stereo typed a group or an individual before. It is usually before we even speak to them in person. That is when social media comes into play.

Recently this past year the application Tinder has become very popular. It is an application where you can see photos of people in your general area. Each photo has a brief description about them, you can either keep swiping if you are not interested or hit a check mark if you are interested. I find this applicaton offensive and stereotypical. I dont think it is fair to base someones personality off of what they see on the screen of their phone. I have been around people who use the application and they often make fun of the person in the photo and assume they are something they may or not be like. I guess what I am trying to say is, stereotyping is something we all have done or dealt with at one point in our lives. But just because it is familiar to us, it doesn’t mean it is ok to do it. So I challenge you, fellow reader, the next time you start to stereotype someone in a negative way, stop. And ask your self, how would you like it if someone was doing this before talking to you? Instead, go introduce yourself and get to know the person, turn off the social media and have an open mind.

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