For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

As a woman who has loved gaming and has stayed involved in gaming my whole life, I cannot thank you enough for this. Too many times I have refused to party or group with individuals simply because I’d need to be active on a mic — an act that would reveal that I am not a man. I make male characters specifically to hide the fact that I am a woman. To avoid harassment I, and many women I know have gone to great lengths and yet we STILL get rape threats and many of the other actions you describe or can imagine on a regular basis. I will only tabletop with people I know or online in privacy, and I prefer online games with systems like the Souls games in order to keep anonymous. If I excel at the game it’s because I’m an exploiting bitch. If I suck at the game it’s because lol gurl gamerz.

So thank you. I also thank guild members and friends who are supportive in this manner, but they are so quiet and few. I fear pursuing my dreams in the gaming field as an artist because of all of the harassment women and their families get and it’s crushing. To mentally come so far and have the will and drive, only to be stopped by the aspect of “my little sister is in danger if I try to get my dream career” is absolutely horrible.

Thank you for being a voice.

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