Why Accessible, Affordable Healthcare is actually the responsibility of our Government.

(unedited at time of publishing)

I want to visit concerns I hear from people around me — friends, family, coworkers. These concerns are valid and have reasonable grounding. But there’s more to this debate than what’s on the surface and I think it’s worth a deeper look at how this whole thing is interconnected. (trivia: This began as a Facebook comment. Pause for laughter.)

Our Current Government (Democrats) Ignored the Working Class
This is actually true in large part. But, no matter how much you agree with the Republican point of view (which is valid, as with any political party, there are lots of reasonable ideas) Republicans have betrayed the American people with this vote and have revealed that they care even less about the working class and working class poor. Their actions this week prove it.

If they cared, and if the working class was a priority for them, they would have replaced Obamacare with a better plan instead of revoking it — so that people who rely on their insurance (Diabetics, Cancer patients, infants with medical issues) would not be abandoned.

But they just couldn’t wait! Not even 2 months from now as they had planned to propose! Nope. It had to happen right now in a way that was unstoppable just to be sure they could completely end it.

Lazy People Just Want a Handout from Uncle Sam
Everybody upset that there are these “lazy people who just sit around waiting for handouts” should be able to sleep more comfortably knowing that the people with no other option for insurance have been returned to their state of helplessness. Expect them to be in your local ERs raising everybody’s costs because a doctor’s office won’t see them for a sinus infection. Feels good to imagine doesn’t it?

I Went To College and Look at Me — I Got a Job and Work Hard — They Should Too
We do not live in a meritocracy, (American is not equal. Everybody is not treated the same. Jobs are not offered only to those who have the best skills for them. Life is not fair.) People are inherently biased, even you — and people born into lower economic classes are stuck there unless they take big risks at a younger age while opportunity is still ahead of them (school debt) and then succeed (make good grades, get hired by a company offering a competitive salary).

Not to mention, all the external tensions of a lower income environment threaten the chances of becoming a self sufficient success (higher crime, blighted educational systems, the stress of not knowing if you’ll have something to eat later distracting you from getting an A on your test).

Lazy People Don’t Want to Work and Pay Like We Do
If these “lazy people” don’t feel comfortable with the risk involved in pulling themselves up by their bootstraps climbing the economic ladder (going to college) in exchange for big debt (paying for an education themselves)— they don’t deserve to be labeled “lazy.” They are being conservative about their choices, avoiding more risk in life than they already have. They are trapped in a life they didn’t choose. This is a hard thing to accept. What are we going to do about these people born into these lives who should be able to get up and out of it for a better life? This is the question politicians refuse to answer.

And what we just witnessed is that Republicans insist these people remain without assurances that the people born into more comfortable classes enjoy. They’re keeping privilege among the privileged. Republicans have flat out lied to the people relying on them to finally pay attention to them. We all deserve more.

It’s Not Fair For Me To Pay More While Others Get a Free Ride
If you honestly think you defied all odds and have gotten where you are because you did it all by yourself — and you are a white person whose parents could afford to keep a job, a house, a car, clothes on you, and food in your belly — you’re flat out wrong. You started ahead of the pack and don’t even realize it. People like me and and most of my friends SHOULD BE PAYING for insurance because we can afford to and it doesn’t threaten our way of life like it does for people with less money and security. And we live the life we live because we were born into it frankly.

Obamacare Is Just Too Expensive To Work
We all will end up paying more for our healthcare because of the unpaid medical bills racked up by people with no insurance who get cancer, have a baby with a chronic condition, have a heart attack, or whose children need to be treated for chickenpox. Things they cannot possibly predict or prevent! Everybody at some point in their life has an unpreventable medical need. Don’t think for a minute the country’s costs are getting any better. By ignoring what’s broken with our healthcare system, Republicans are making it worse for all of us.

Healthcare Costs Aren’t the Government’s Responsibility
Repealing Obamacare without a replacement just guaranteed that we will be paying much more now as a nation now that we will also get handed a higher bill by our doctors. The reason healthcare should be the responsibility of our government is to prevent the burden of the unpaid costs from impacting the rest of the population. Obamacare was actually a form of insurance for every American against rising medical costs.

Just like the idea behind FEMA, American citizens should not be economically destroyed by sudden emergencies they cannot prevent. Why is healthcare any different than a disastrous storm?