50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

This was one of the best written articles I have read in the last 5 months of intense study. I’ve actually had to break up reading it over several sessions so I could start to take it all in.

Many of these ideas really resonated with me. There are several that I already do and it gave me incredible validation.

I particularly liked the one about making friends of your parents regardless of the past relationship. It is something I am working on and do find the benefit, even though my Mom is far from even being a nice human being and certainly was a failure as a mother. Thank goodness my Dad is dead as they had a terribly abusive relationship. With him gone, my mother had been slowly willing to open herself. Heck, it’s only taken 13 years.

I also see no reason to rent. I own a small home and only pay $450 a month for my entire mortgage (PITI). I’m disabled and on a small fixed income. I also, do not feel the need to own things or get swayed by marketing to buy the latest greatest tech, fashion, food, etc.

And finally, like you, I have changed my diet completely. I studied and studied and studied and finally landed at whole foods, plant based -oil, -sugar and -salt. I’m 40 lbs lighter and off all prescription meds and feel better than I have in 20 years. Have had to shed a few friends over this too.

I spend my life in peace and doing what I need to do to make me happy. Sadly, after 30 years of fostering cats, I’ve come to realize that it no longer works for me, in fact, it makes me miserable, so I will be ending that after my last kittens are gone to adoption.

At 56, I DO think with a deathbed mentality (never heard it put that way, but it works). I am so grateful to have time and solitude so I want to focus on doing things that enrich my life.

Printing this out and putting it on my frig.

Thank you for sharing.