GDPR compliance is a must. But Good Data Strategy is a Competitive Advantage.

Businesses are thinking too short term if their GDPR strategy is just ‘to comply’. GDPR and its looming deadline is putting pressure on most businesses to make a change to how they collect, store, and manage customer data and respect customers’ privacy. Whilst for many, the changes they will need to make to become compliant are significant, focussing on compliance alone could mean businesses are missing out on bigger opportunities. Check out the Rebel Futures “Better than GDPR” 2 Day Workshop to accelerate your Good Data ambition.

GDPR gives businesses a chance to rethink their data strategy, and to build a customer centric ‘Good Data Strategy’ that affords them a competitive advantage. As customers are exponentially more aware of data issues (with hacks, thefts, and breaches reported weekly), it is vital to empower customers.

Rebel Futures delivers Cyber and Information Security Innovation; helping businesses to see further than ‘what’s next’, to evolve with the strong, dynamic, customer centric strategy.

“Better than GDPR” 2 Day Workshop

We’ve developed a 2 day workshop to assess how future-proofed a GDPR strategy really is and to help businesses identify the bigger picture and use GDPR to design a Good Data Strategy that empowers their customers, and builds competitive advantage.


2 day deep dive workshop
We bring our team of expert consultants
We all discuss, explore, imagine, design and plan
You ensure you make the most of the GDPR opportunity
You get a high level “Good Data Strategy” to accelerate your competitive advantage


For business who understand “Customer First”
For joined up leadership teams
For businesses who need to ensure their customers feel safe and happy when using their products
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