My Un-Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about my bucket list today. Adding things I’d like to do before I check out of this life.

Thankfully, I have many years left to complete it, at least according to the genealogy report that says my family line has longevity on its side.

But I started thinking about things I would never do, and I have come up with my un-bucket list.

Here are ten things I will NEVER…..

1 — Bungee Jump — If the elastic in my pants is any indication at all, then bungee jumping will not end well for me.

2 — Be A Size 10 — It has taken me years to accept the body I’m in, and I have finally reached a place where “I am who I am.” And I am happy about it. The only thing on this body that will ever be a size 10 are my shoes. (Big feet- big heart.)

3 — Give Up Cursing — There are times when I need a good curse word to say what I really mean. Fudge, Frick, or firetruck just don’t do the trick.

4 — Swim With Sharks — I only swim in the ocean when my husband is around. He is 6 foot 4, 250 lbs. If a shark happens to come in our vicinity, I will have ample time to swim back to shore while Jaws feasts on him. (Love you, baby!)

5 — Own A Hairless Pet — I love pets, but the hairless ones, kind creep me out. I can’t touch them and if I can’t show them affection, then what kind of love is that?

6 — Hate My Hips — When I was a teenager, I whined to my mom how much I hated my big hips. Her response was, you will be happy when you have babies. She was right; delivering my babies was fast and easy. My longest labor and delivery was 6 hours, and the shortest was 45 minutes. Thank God for big hips!

7 — Get A Pedicure — I’ve never been a foot person. I don’t like my feet touched, tickled or tortured. FYI — shoes and socks are my friends. But not socks and sandals…..come on now!

8 — Wear A Thong — I obsess when I get a popcorn husk stuck between my teeth, why would I want something stuck between my cheeks? I didn’t like wedgies when I was a kid, so it’s doubtful I’d like them now.

9 — Understand Why Some People Are So Hateful — This one has perplexed me my entire life and as each day passes I find myself even more confused. Isn’t it time we all accepted everyone for who they are and stopped judging them based on who we think they should be? But that is an entirely different blog.

10 — Stop Writing — I’ve written since I was in grade school, but it has been within the past year that I finally realized that for me, writing is almost as important as breathing. I have come a long way, and I have a long way to go. So as long as there is breath in me, there will be words to write and stories to tell.

What are some things you’ll NEVER do?

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KatieMae is a writer and encourager. She lives in Washington state with her husband and their three dachshunds. You can find her on Twitter @Katiemaeonline, or her website