The Top 20 Mothers Day Gifts

It’s not that easy to pick out a gift for mom/grandma and they can be tough to shop for because most claim they have everything they need! Here are some out of the box ideas to help you maintain that ‘favorite child’ status…After all, if you’re here reading this, it’s very evident that you are thoughtful :) It’s hard to believe Mothers Day is a little over a month away. FYI: All of these gift ideas can be shipped during quarantine. Enjoy!

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Your mom and/or grandmother is bound to fall within one of these categories:

  1. is the fashionista: A Fashionable Necklace with a tech component #Trelawear
  2. is always moving: Weighted Blanket
  3. is the life of the party: The Hangover Helmet
  4. is always on top of tech trends: Drone for beginners (comes with voice control!)
  5. is always in the kitchen: Grandma Cutting Board
  6. is in need of some downtime: Stress Relief Heat Pillow
  7. is the lady who just loves her wine: Wine Opening Gift Set
  8. is the beauty queen: Variety of Korean Face Masks
  9. is the coffee/tea lover: Temperature Controlled Smart Mug
  10. is in the bathtub club: Bathtub Caddy with Book and Wine Holder
  11. is the lady who loves painting but never makes the time to do it: Paint by Numbers Kit
  12. is the photo lover: Heart Frame Collage
  13. is the dog lover: Dog DNA Test
  14. is the mom that needs to lounge more: Personalized Bath Robe
  15. is the cheese and hosting queen: Charcuterie Board Set
  16. is the flower lover: 2 dozen red roses or 12 pink roses and 6 lilies
  17. is the hardcore gardener: Cute Gardening Gloves (and thorn proof!)
  18. is organized in the kitchen: Personalized Chicken Crock
  19. is the wannabe green thumb gardener: Gardening Tool Set
  20. is the book worm: Kindle Oasis Reader

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