Projects in Europe will demonstrate blockchain benefits; BST token sale live

Blocksquare has multiple pilot projects in the works

Blocksquare — a Slovenia-based startup putting commercial real estate on the blockchain—is in the midst of a Series A token sale.

The team is also busy laying the foundation for several pilot projects:


Student housing near the University of Ljubljan is the first project.

Investors will be able to invest in this property. Ownership will be encoded into the blockchain. Rent proceeds will be distributed on the Blocksquare platform.


The Blocksquare team is convening in Luxembourg. The team is meeting with other financial sector advisors and entrepreneurs to address…

Invest in Commercial Real Estate with BST tokens — just $0.25 USD

You could own a portion of rent proceeds in any major commercial district using Blocksquare’s BST token. Photo: All Bong.

Ever stand in a crowded city, look up, and marvel at the buildings?

Everything about the scale is staggering.

Not just the marvel of engineering, the artistry of design, or the coordination and expertise required at every stage to make those buildings a reality…

…but also, all the people and everything that happens inside.

Who profits?

Only the wealthiest could buy and sell commercial property of magnitude in the world’s expensive cities.

As cities grew and prospered the few that controlled these properties gained the most — and…

New Satellites Could Change Everything, Including Real Estate

Low orbit satellites will empower more people to interact with the blockchain

He is a very lonely man.

For thousands of miles in all directions, he is alone.

From a server in Lagos, Nigeria, Tim Akinbo broadcasts the only bitcoin node in all of West and Central Africa, according to Vice.

Not for long.

The Race Between OneWeb and SpaceX

Do you know what I was doing last summer? Nothing fun, at first. Then nothing I expected to be doing.

It began when I was researching SoftBank, a Japanese holding company. SoftBank is invested in a variety of big name, interesting projects. I wanted to buy some stock.

From there…

What seems obvious now wasn’t so obvious at the beginning…just like Blockchain

AMZ’s early days can teach us about opportunities today

The future has a map.

There is a problem, though. An example:

Dear Jeff Bezos,

“The patent is very unlikely to be upheld in the long run. It’s a classic example of the kind of software patent that would never be granted if the patent office had even the slightest clue about software […] there’s nothing new [with 1-Click]”

The problem: we predict the future using today’s frameworks.

The quote above is from tech publisher Tim O’Reilly in a letter to Jeff Bezos. It was 2000. O’Reilly urged Bezos to withdrawal Amazon’s 1-Click patent application.

Real estate startup Loftium can teach us about Blocksquare

Photo by Expect the Best

Loftium’s down payment is yours to keep. You don’t pay us back — we pay ourselves back through the Airbnb income. There’s no interest rate.

So begins the explanation of how Loftium works.

In brief, it works like this: you borrow money from Loftium to buy a house. Funds can be used to beef up your down payment or cover closing costs. Loftium gives you tools to become a successful Airbnb host so you can pay them back.

“What tools?” you ask. Certainly this must involve more work. (Oh, no, do…

Blocksquare’s BST tokens are among the first of a new class of blockchain assets

the “T” on this commercial building should stand for “tokenize” || photo by Alex Read on Unsplash

Bitcoin — pundits warn it is at risk of entering a “death cross”.

Ooooohhh. Scary. ((sarcasm))

Me? I’m not worried. I was in early. More critically: I’m in for the long haul. As Brian Patrick Eha’s recent book, How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance explores, the technology has been left for dead multiple times.

I agree with what Miguel Cuneta writes in Bitcoin Is Dead? The Blockchain Didn’t Get The Memo:

The Blockchain doesn’t care. There is no plug to pull. It has no feelings. But every ten minutes, it takes a…

“I thought triple-entry accounting was boring”

Photo by chuttersnap

What makes the world go ’round? Sex. And oh, yeah: the sun. Pretty sure the sun is involved, too.

But enough about my life, ha! You don’t care that I’m married to a solar energy professional or that we offset 100% of our energy use with wind and solar power. You aren’t reading ahead with bated breath wondering, “does she have a Tesla, too?”

(The answer is no, not yet.)

No; you’re like: “What’s this article about? I’m into commercial real estate, blockchain, getting paid, and getting laid.”

Who am I to argue? Those…

Commercial real estate’s footprint is changing, for the better.

I love this video of Gunnar Branson.

Recorded a few years ago, it is still worth a watch. The topics are familiar to anyone paying attention to the changing landscape (literally: landscape) at the intersection of urbanism, technology, and the emerging economy.

In it, Branson reveals that real estate reflects how people actually live and work. He draws parallels between the idea of Moore’s Law and how, as physical things get smaller and more compact, so do our living preferences.

His big takeway is this: Don’t sell square footage. Sell…

Photo by Christian Langballe on Unsplash

The whole room gasped, but she just smiled at me.

Mrs. O’Donnell (not her real name) was a small, neatly dressed woman. She was slightly hunched, well past 80, but don’t think of pushing her around. Her smile said:


I had just said:

“Thank you for accepting the offer. I am so excited to buy this house!”

To which Mrs. O’Donnell had replied:

“I didn’t think anyone would buy it. Especially because the last tenant died there.”

Why Real Estate Will Embrace the Blockchain

Real estate may have a staid reputation, but this is rapidly changing thanks to blockchain.

Blockchain benefits include:

Fewer Middlemen

The classic example is…

Or, What Happens When We Put Real Estate on Ethereum

photo by @davidmcbee

Oh, you here about the staircase?

Yeah, it’s a beauty. Unfortunately, I already sold the staircase. (Sorry; not sorry.)

I bought a bit of an apartment building in Tallinn, instead. Yeah. Just a bit. (The best bit, obviously.) I own 8.297% of the apartment building and its cashflow. Maybe someday I’ll visit it….

The above scenario is complete fiction — today. But what about tomorrow?

Could average, everyday people buy fractional amounts of commercial real estate, anywhere in the world, their purchases executed on the blockchain? What might happen?

What Happens When We Put Real Estate on Etheruem?


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