Jar Jar Binks defeats Obama and Romney

What a great pic

Sorry I haven’t Mediumed in a while. I’ve been thinking really hard about what this Medium should be, what my Medium fans out there want.

Well, I think I was thinking TOO HARD (such a problem for me) because the answer was right in front of me: a great picture from the 2012 election of Jar Jar Binks pushing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney away from a debate podium.

The implication in this work of art is that, see, Jar Jar is actually the best candidate for president. And not just that he’s the best, but he’s so far and away obviously the best that no one - not the Secret Service, not the debate moderator - minds when he just phyisically shoves Mitt and Barack to the wayside.

I love art for a lot of the reasons that I thought were silly when I read about them in art history classes. How museums were built with the idea of giving the unwashed masses a moment of respite and uplift. That viewing these great and complicated paintings would make the simple coal miner struck by grateful awe, a clear trail running down his cheek where a tear had washed off the soot. I didn’t believe this because I was young, and when you’re young you don’t understand how hard and boring and not uplifting the world actually is. Inspiration and beauty are always around you when you’re young. I didn’t understand what it meant to be at work all day, all year. Beautiful things you can sit and stare at are few. Taking time to merely LOOK at something, stopping for minute in front of a painting on a wall and looking at it with no purpose other than to let it please you, that’s wonderful. It IS uplifting for the soul.

That’s how I feel when I look at this picture from DeviantArt of Jar Jar Binks.