About Ginch Gonch and Agent Provocateur

Ginch Gonch was found in Canada in 2004. It is a lingerie brand which occurred in the movement of against the colorless, boring and dull underwear most people wear. From the revolution it took, I can tell the style of Ginch Gonch is playful, secy and colorful right away. These three points as its selling point become the unique quality of the brand. The philosophy behind Ginch Gonch is “Live Like a Kid” which also brings visual images of playful and colorful lingerie by words. While I’m browsing Ginch Gonch’s official website, I recognize this brand provide products for both genders pretty equally. Also the price range of the lingerie is relatively low compare to others.

Unlike Ginch Gonch using vivid blue and red color as its symbol, the British luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has the color combination of grayish pink, black and gold which has a copper tone in it. From the combination of color choices, I can see the style of Agent Provocateur want people to think it is is high quality, up market and luxury. Agent Provocateur was found in London in 1994 by Joseph Corré and his ex-wife. It was originally a single store opened in London. After the divorce of the couple, new CEO Garry Hogarth decided to expand Agent Provocateur worldwide. For letting more people know this brand, there are not only runway shows with famous super models, but also making short films and videos and provide fragrances and other beauty products since 2000.

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