“I’m always like this”
Angel Dixon

I really needed to read this….

After 5 years of walking with a crutch and being faced with the similar and some of the exact same questions, comments and looks I’m still in search of the ‘right’ response. I would always say ‘well this is permanent’ but I love ‘I’m always like this’.

One of my most disliked questions which again is a very poor choice of wording ‘what did you do to yourself?’ It still blows my mind that people feel the need to comment to make themselves feel more comfortable when in turn making us feel so uncomfortable. I have gone through the motions of healing since my accident and it’s the every day comments and stares that hold me back from being being completely healed.

There definitely needs to be a shift in this mindset and this article has empowered me to create an awareness to those who ask these questions.

Thank you x