Art, Depression & “Family”
Eric Ruiz

you know, i read this wondering what this website was really about and all that after seeing it on your instagram, during this time i was able to relate so deeply with what you talked about. I myself have a mother who becomes an angry and violent drunk taking all her anger out on the person closest to her (more often than not that is me or my dad) and there’ve been times where she has hurt me mentally that i can not repair myself from. also questioning my sexuality in a predominantly roman catholic household is not the best thing i could be doing. Anyway, enough about my own life i just knew you’d understand what i go through since clearly its effected you.

Thankyou for sharing this post, it made me feel a lot better, just to let you know, we are wanted and we are not alone, no matter how much we are made to feel that way so never give up Eric

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