Lena Dunham

Everybody who’s speaking out publicly against Lena Dunham right now is being misogynistic*.

If you are railing against her right now, you fall into one of these categories.

  1. You have been conditioned by our society to hate a woman who is unapologetic, imperfect, does not cater to your sensibilities and still manages to be successful. You are mad at her because she irks you for one of these reasons and so you feel like this dog story just represents everything you already knew about this person you don’t like. She seems like she just wants attention (as opposed to everyone else on the Internet). You are mad about that and you want to use this opportunity to let Lena Dunham know how much you hate her.
  2. You have some context, insight, personal knowledge of this dog situation, or you have a different legitimate grievance against Lena and some way that she has wronged you. In this case, you might think, you know what I actually have a REAL beef with Lena Dunham and therefore I may speak up! Lena Dunham is, after all, a human being who makes mistakes and is imperfect, and you could take issue with her on racism or being naive, or privileged or I’m sure a number of other UNFORGIVABLE gaffes that apparently make her a worse monster than any abuser, rapist, murderer that has ever existed (seriously. look at her fucking @ replies). BUT, if you fall into this category (and I’m skeptical for most of you, but I’m sure there are a few), to speak up right now is to ignore, to discount, the hordes of people who fall into category 1. And to do that, is to ignore the misogyny that exists, and to do that is an act of misogyny.

You don’t have to like her. Although it irks me that women seem to be the only ones who are held accountable for ingrained racism, I will not be a person silencing that or dismissing those claims. It’s inextricably linked to her now, and I can’t deny that she has a problematic past with race issues. The point is, right now, everybody’s attacking her for something they have no fucking clue about. Who knows what happened with that fucking dog. If she adopted a dog, didn’t care for it and gave it up, that’s a bummer, but does it make her deserving of the amount of hate she gets? We don’t know what happened. But even if you do, given that she is receiving a constant stream of hate for no reason from people with no context, you can take your legitimate complaint against her and bring it up another time. Because if you’re participating in this shit, you’re part of the problem. Take your legitimate complaint, look at the replies to any one of her tweets and tell me she also needs to hear one more voice telling her whats what. Here’s a good sample one: https://twitter.com/lenadunham/status/882751718324396032

*Chose this word carefully. It did say “is a misogynist”, but I’m trying to distinguish between a defining characteristic of a person vs. one act. We are all raised in a misogynistic society, so it’s all a learning process.

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