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I also lost everything. I mean everything, like you. I refer to it as “down the rabbit hole.”

I started detailing everything I lost, all my mistakes, and realized it doesn’t matter! You know what I’m talking about. Losing everything is saying enough.

Finally, I am out of the rabbit hole. I retired on social security, hey I paid that money in-it’s mine! But my years of struggling out of the darkness took everything I could make. I usally worked at least a job and a half, sometimes 2. Now, I don’t wake to an alarm, I wake to birdsong. I’m poor (well that’s nothing new) but I can survive if I am very still and quiet.

My animals through the years have grown more and more important. They ask nothing but love and food. And in return I get love, affection, unconditional acceptance, joy and companionship. Now, I have my cat, Annie, who thinks I’m swell and my endearing memories of all the ones who came before her. I love my solitude and independence and would change nothing.

You are an inspiration and I hope your message is being heard. We only have this one life; we must live it the best we can.