Tim Boyd

Wow, thank you Tim! Positive feedback from readers like you make my day. I have been working on a mermaid story and as I was doing my research, I kept running into that idea that because there were “mermaid sightings” and mermaid art, etc, in every culture that traded by sea…well, there must have actually been mermaids!

The poem started forming in my head after a lot of mermaid reading and writing and I began to visualize what those sailers’ lives must have been like-well of course they saw mermaids! I wrote my poem over several days and decided instead of making it part of the story, I would give it its own little showcase.

Of course, my story does insist that there were mermaids and they are with us still. No, they are not Disneyland creatures but a fierce matriarchal colony based species.

Thank you again for your appreciation. Hope you like the mermaid story coming up.

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