A brief History of Millenial Social Media

Our generation started out with a communication system. An app to talk to each other before phones, via computer. One day we somehow became introduced to a social media platform: MySpace. We soon say goodbye to our now outdated messaging systems and customize our page to reflect ourselves. Mine had a purple background, an interactive hamster running on a wheel that you could feed if you clicked, and even my favorite song started playing once you visited my page. It was a preteen dream come true. Until the day a new platform swept us off our feet: Facebook.

We finally had a more tasteful and professional outlet to tell our friends we are eating soup with Katelyn with just one click of a button. We could know what our friends were doing, how they are feeling, and upload more pictures than our slightly side ways, pink- tinted pictures of us with our hair covering half of our faces. And then, what we never knew possible happened, it got better with Instagram.

A place that was visually appealing that we couldn’t just read about, but we could now SEE what people are eating for lunch. This created a world of living life with posting a picture in mind to post later to prove we are having fun. With brainstorming what to capture each image and what filter to choose, another platform flew in: Twitter.

Now we were able to post our pet peeves, our undesirable actions and fast blurbs to an unlimited audience. While we posted our accomplishments on Facebook for grandma to see, we finally had an outlet to write about how tired we are of school, our Vegas plans for the summer, and passive aggressive pokes at other followers. But the unbelievable took place: a melody of communication, visual images, and insight to the lives of those around us: Snapchat.

We could now send pictures and videos that were customizable to friends and followers in an instant, which lasted up to ten seconds. We could not just tell people what we did, but show the world as we do it. This soon took over basic messaging systems, even text, to reply to this short-lasted snaps.

While our trends change, so does social media. Whether we use it to communicate, express ourselves, or be in touch with current events, each born platform seems to evolve with us. We have had our needs met up to this point, but the question is: what will be next?