How learning who is behind social media accounts for big and small companies has changed the way I interact with social media

Throughout this class along with many other experiences, I have been able to hear perspectives from many different social media managers. From the social media controller at New Belgium Brewery to CSU’s small team to others, their hard work and techniques has changed the way I approach social media.

On social media platforms I tend to prefer to take in information rather than engage in it. Even when I like a picture, it doesn’t occur to me to actually push the like button, because so what? I did not see the hard work and technique that goes on in PR ad advertising groups to make a successful post, or how they measure it.

By clicking the like button, these companies that I support can actually see their hard work paying off and have a realistic idea of their reach to their audience.

I have never been big on sharing, commenting, or even something as simple as liking things on social media. But a click of a like is more than a little heart icon- it is a sign of support and loyalty.

I now do as much as I can to interact with the brands, companies, and even individuals that I identify with in order to show my loyalty and support. Although it seems like a small thing to do, I have had the opportunity to see how much the people in charge of these accounts value their fans and customers, and I would want others to do the same.