How Politicians can use social media to their advantage

In the most recent political debate, there happen to be a very wide variety of politicians running for president. Some unlikely, others highly established. Some mild in their claims, and others extreme in theirs. No matter what stance they have on the issues at hand in the U.S there is one variable that has played a larger part in the debate than ever before: social media.

Since each candidate that is running has a very clear audience to attract without preaching to the choir, social media has been very effective for a few politicians, especially Bernie Sanders.

Since the rise of social media, especially instagram, there has been a rise of hipsters- those who go against the grain and rebel in the name of justice, equality, and individuality. This just happens to be Bernie sanders’ direct audience, and exactly where and how to appeal to them- on their favorite social media platform.

Bernie has developed a style that reflects the style of many young students who value education without paying absurd amounts of money or drown in their student loans afterward. Bernie uses this to tell students just what they want to hear- that this dream could be a possibility if he is in office.

This audience values individuality and wants to feel a companionship with their next president. People value genuineness and loyalty and do not want to be lead around by a King. This makes Bernie the best candidate for this audience because he claims that Wall Street and big money will not like him, because his opinions cannot be bought.

No matter what politician it is, each one has the opportunity to make themselves more popular on social media to attract loyal voters. So far, Sanders has the advantage on social media due to the extreme popularity of lifestyle that has developed in 2016.