Day 15: The Salt

The Crew: me, Corinne, Amy, Anna, and Vince

The Hike: Warner Lake →Oowah Lake →Haystack Mountain

The Location: The La Sal Mountains


That says most of it…we went on a hike in the La Sals, which is only a little over an hour away. And it was A M A Z I N G! First off, it was at least 30 degrees cooling in the mountains than it was in Moab. There was even snow in some parts! But I’ll get to that.

Seeing green — and by green I mean real green, not desert green — for the first time since being home was relieving. I never realized how much I like being surrounded by forests. And while the desert is also awesome, and I’m glad I’m here, one day I’ll settle in a place with more green.

But back to the hike. The first part, from one lake to another, was a nice two mile downhill hike. Needless to say it was not pleasant coming back up. The second part of our hike also started with an uphill. I feel bad doing those hike. Because I really want to, and I can with time. But I know everyone else can go much faster, and I don’t like being the one to hold them up. But by the end of my time here it won’t be as bad. Anyway…

The end of the trail was a beautiful lake, surrounded by evergreens and snow.

sorry about my finger :(

Amy and Vince also found a place nearby with some old animal bones.

The hike back to the car was just a beautiful.

Back home, Vince, Corinne, Graham, and I decided to chill and watch a movie (perfect post-hiking activity). Corinne’s been talking for at least as week about this film called Valley Uprising, the story of rock climbers at Yosemite since rock climbing became a thing in the early 1950s. And it was fantastic! It started with the group of people who started American rock climbing, and all the different groups of people who followed, as well as their clashes with law enforcement. Needless to say, the four of us were enamored and are going to start climbing. Vince and Graham already bought a slack line to practice that as well. And we met a girl at Weed and Feed who’s got friends who’ll teach us. So we have a new activity.

Corinne and I wound down the day with a bike ride to the north side of town. There’s a bridge with a nice view of the river and come canyons. There’s also a small park with rock sculptures that were designed to be climbed on. But the easy sides of them were super hot, and the difficult sides were to difficult. One day, after we practice of course.

Now back home we’re cooking zucchini bread, because we received loads of free zucchini from another dumpster diving friend.

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