Day 16: Hidden Valley (ranch)

The morning started off early. Up at 6, our the door by 7. Corinne, Graham, Vince and I were going to hike the hidden valley trail, which connects to the Moab rim trial. And boy was it H-O-T hot.

We figured starting around 7:30 would be a good time because we’d be in the morning coolness and only catch the beginning of the 100 degree regular heat. But even though we completed the 7 mile hike in under 4 hours, temps got ridiculous by 10 am. And especially after all the uphill hiking yesterday, by the time we finished this hike we were all tuckered out. That’s not to say it wasn’t a worthwhile and beautiful hike. There were petroglyphs in the valley, and at the top of the rim trail is a great view of the city. We also came to points along the way with stunning views of the canyons and mountains.

start of the hidden valley
one of my personal favs
view from the outback

Siesta time. Vince is house sitting a this week, so the rest of our day was spend there pretty much. The couple has an older dog which needs the AC on at like 73 which was great for us. We also got to see a pretty gnarly sunset:

Anyway, tomorrow is the first day the kids come for summer camp!

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