Day 22: Meet the Professor

For some reason, weekends always start earlier than weekdays. Have you ever dreamed of being able to sleep in on a Tuesday? Because that’s what my life is at this point. Today started at 6 am. Corinne, Hanna, and I decided to hike Professor Creek, and thought going earlier would be best (seeing as it gets really freaking hot by 11). HOWEVER, today was overcast and a little chilly, so going early was a little overkill, but that’s alright.

The walk was beautiful. It went through a small canyon, and you had to cross the creek over and over. Or in our case just walk down it. The walk was super easy also since it was just flat. At the end (or what we decided was the end) was a small waterfall. It’s possible to hike around it or climb up it, but we though 4 miles there and 4 miles back would be good enough.

The hike in
The falls

As we were leaving, we started to feel a few rain drops. I was nervous of a flash flood. They’re (obviously) hard to predict, and if it had rained upstream of us, we’d have no clue anything was coming. But nothing happened, and the hike out was just chilly.

Later, Corinne and I bought climbing harnesses. After that rock climbing documentary, we’re still on a kick for it. Julie’s boyfriend does a lot of rock climbing, so we’re going to see if he can take us out one day.

The evening ended with a short stroll downtown for an art festival. In all honesty, we were only there for the free food (there wasn’t much). Some of the galleries had beautiful pieces though. Too bad I don’t have money.

One of the art galleries

Tonight was an early to bed night because tomorrow is a VERY early to rise morning.

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