Day 23: Nancy Drew and the Case of the Locked Door

What an eventful day:

The alarm goes off at 2 am. It took me a minute to remember why I was being woken up so early. Then another few minutes for me and Hanna to realize that we somehow got locked into our room (why is the lock on the outside of the door??). Then another couple minutes for Corinne, Amy, and Anna to attempt to help us, ending with climbing out the bedroom window (thank God for one story houses).

By 2:30, the five of us plus Graham are on the road heading towards Monument Valley for sunrise. We took a quick pit-stop around 4 to watch the stars. Extra fun: we saw a shooting star. This was the first time in my life I’ve seen the Milky Way galaxy. And it was breathtaking. I don’t have words to describe how amazing it was to see, and I can’t wait to see it again.

By 5, we make it to the valley. Rather than paying $20 to enter the state park, we just found a pull-off from the road and set up camp. Sunrise was also magnificent. The sun came up from behind one of the monuments, lighting the sky around it with a beautiful deep pink that my photos definitely don’t do justice.

As we were watching the sun rise, Amy realized we were only two miles from the Arizona border and wanted to head on over. Then Graham pointed out that we probably weren’t far from the Four Corners monument — the point where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico all meet. Lo and behold, it was less than two hours from where we were. The spontaneity of the whole situation was more fun than expected. We all decided last night around 7 to go watch the sunrise, and seeing four corners was a very spur of the moment choice. As many of my friends will know, I’m the planner. But being here I haven’t been able to plan as much as normal. And I don’t really mind. It’s fun to not know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, and to go places and wake up at 2 am just because I can. I do think a big part of this is because I don’t have school and weekend work to worry about. Which means that when I have free time, it really is free for me to do anything, not just school work.

So we booked it to the Four Corners Monument, which is not only split between the four states, but also Navajo Nation and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Because we got there so early (almost when it opened) it was pretty quiet, which meant we got to take plenty of photos.

Just hangin

We got home before noon. Somehow, our bedroom door got unlocked…Maybe Vince did it. We still have to figure that out. Now everyone’s napping. The rest of today is definitely going to be a lazy day, especially since we’ve got week 2 of camp tomorrow!

UPDATE: apparently, you can lock and unlock doors in the house by doing some magic with the handles that involves pulling them out and turning them. So Vince climbed in through our window and unlocked the door for us. Even though Hanna knew that trick and tried it this morning. Then, when he was showing me how to lock the door, we locked it again and can’t get it unlocked…the saga continues.