Day 30: Climber of the Rocks

We FINALLY went rock climbing. And by we I mean Vince, Corinne and I. And I shouldn’t say finally, it took us a while in the morning to get there. We had a relaxing breakfast, and then had to drive a little ways up the mountains to a trail head for the climbs. Greg and Peter (our new friends) had a very bad map of various climbing routes along this hike. We found one, but it turned out not to be the one we were looking for — discovered only after both guys had put up a lead rope. We tried hiking farther up the trail to a different climb, but some people were already at it. So we went BACK to the first climb on the trail, which we missed on our way down. And it was AWESOME! I didn’t think I’d be able to make it to the top (because I hadn’t done any outdoor climbing and very little indoor climbing) but I made it to the top of a 5–7 climb. I also made it pretty far up a 5–8 climb, which was even more exciting!

Corinne climbing the 5–7

When we got down from the mountains, I was able to Skype my dad (and mom and Nicole) for Father’s day, which was nice. It was good to talk to them because I know I don’t get to a lot. Then Corinne, Vince, and I got a couple beers at the brewery before heading home and watching a documentary about faking the moon landing.

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