Day 72: Canyons on Canyons on Canyons

Sunday. today I got to sleep in. Until 7. Which was still before my alarm went off. But that’s ok. I got to have a relaxing morning, having time to eat breakfast and read a little. I was going to climb today with Corinne and Gregory (he planned on taking us crack climbing) but because of rain last night, we were unable to go. Instead, we went to Negro Bill Canyon — a two mile hike into a canyon, ending in the Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

The hike was great. Easy, which was welcome after our day yesterday, but still intriguing because of how different life inside small canyons like this are. Because a stream runs through, the air is so much cooler. And there’s so much plant life all over. And lizards. There were so many lizards. Morning Glory was also pretty neat. It was hard to get a good picture because there’s so much rock surrounding it, but I tried:

Failed Pano shot

The end was a neat cavern with a lot of echo, and the source of water for the stream, which was a trickle out of the rocks:

Another great hike for the weekend. Corinne and I got to cross of TWO hikes on our list, which made it a very successful weekend. The rest of the day has been chill. I got to FaceTime with Brooke today — always a good time. And I just sat and updated my blog (about time) and did some grocery shopping. A nice end to a nice day.

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