Days 32 and 33: Catching up

Day 32: Tuesday. Mayor Dave came to talk to the campers today, and it was a blast. We had them come up with questions as one of their activities. Then, instead of Mayor Dave giving a speech to the kids about when he does, they just asked him questions for 45 minutes. It was fabulous!

The evening was quite. We finished a documentary about government conspiracies, and then watched The Giver (most of it, I went to bed around 10 because sleep). I feel documentaries will be a thing in this household. Not that I’m complaining, they’re quite fun.

Day 33: Wednesday. I’m finally getting all caught up again. I have to be better about doing these, because otherwise I forget what I do each day. Anyway, today was the camp’s trip to the Moab Museum, which was awesome-sauce! We walked there and back, which the kids did a great job of. At the museum we played games and did a scavenger hunt, and it seemed like everyone loved it!

Dinner consisted of Milt’s tonight because why not? Everyone needs a good burger now and again. We were going to go listen to bluegrass tonight, but it started too late in the evening. We’re all so tired! Instead, our dumpster diving friend hooked us up with more candy (left over from the last dive) which we happily helped ourselves to! Tonight’s definitely going to be another early-ish bed night.

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