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I agree the SEC is down. No doubt. The East might be the worst division in the Power 5. And Bama will have tests in the playoff that they haven’t had all year. But not giving the benefit of the doubt to Saban and what he’s done over the years is silly. And it’s easy to look back and say that their schedule wasn’t as tough as it appeared, but at the time, as stated, they played 8 ranked teams in 13 games. Forget that some of those teams (my Hogs included) were not as good as initially advertised, but at the time of the game, those teams thought they were, and everybody gets up to play Bama. And no one played them close. They steam rolled through the season, and it’s the best defense Saban has put on the field in his tenure there. Everyone else in the playoff had not only had games in which they struggled, they all have lost. Just prepare to chant SEC because I don’t think there’s another ending in the cards.

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