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Oura Rings, photo credit: Well+Good

I’ve talked a lot about my love for the Oura Ring and how I’ve used it in nearly every sleep experiment I’ve done in the past year. …

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Neo from The Matrix. Photo credit: Sky News.

After months of debating over whether or not to get this kickstarter device, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the NeoRhythm headset by OmniPemf. …

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Oura Ring and TrueLight Red Light Panel

Gadgets I Still Love

So let’s start with the fundamentals: sleep and exercise.

My go-to trackers on this front include the Oura Ring and Apple Watch. I’ve had these devices for well over a year now and still find them to be the best for a couple of reasons. First, it’s all about the data. Clean graphs, consistency in trends, and a small footprint are the things I value most in a good tracker.


Katie Moore

YouTube creator, self-proclaimed biohacker, and all-around goofball. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqHPsR1eKEPSunlp6E-LSQ

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