News Journal: Week Four, Reporting Irish Politics ( 17th February 2016)

For this weeks entry I decided to look at an article about the upcoming General Election seeing as we have been familiarising ourselves with the basics of the Irish Political System in class. There was an article on the Irish Examiner website on the 16th of February with the headline ‘Crisis in Fine Gael as support drops five points in 10 days’.

To be honest, I had to really concentrate to finish the article. I don’t think it was well put together. The headline was very much on the long side and I feel that it could have been more enticing. For example perhaps something simpler such as “Fine Gael support drops” would have been more effective.

The article is quite long and contains a lot of percentages and statistics. It could have been simplified so that even people with a very low knowledge of politics would get be able to understand the main points.

I did like how tweets from the writer were included in the article. There were two included in total which are useful to people scanning through to get only the main information. As you only have a limited amount of characters in a tweet, they are an effective way to force a writer to leave out all unnecessary details.

The second tweet was “ Red C poll shows 3rd consecutive drop in support for Fine Gael..can they actually lose themselves this election?”. This tweet tells the reader exactly what they should know and also engages them with a question.


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