News Journal: Week Nine, Analysis of a Podcast (13th April 2016)

This week I listened to a podcast on SPIN 1038’s website on the 13th of April. The podcast was called, ‘Is MMA safe?’ and was about the Portuguese MMA fighter, Joao Carvalho, who died last Monday following injuries he got at an event in Dublin last weekend.

In the podcast the radio presenters at SPIN 1038 spoke to Donny Mahoney, editor at They asked him about the regulations to do with MMA and he told them that in Ireland MMA is not regulated at all by the government and there is very little regulation towards what medical care is available on the site of MMA fights.

Donny Mahoney aslo spoke about an article written recently in the Irish Times where the writer had been to a fight recently between 2 seventeen year olds and there was no doctor on site. When he said this is definitely shocked me as I wasn’t aware of how little medical care was available at fights. After this point was made, I was more interested in listening until the end of the podcast.

The fact that MMA is not recognised by the Irish Sports Council was also addressed. Mr Mahoney was asked what the Sports Minister, Michael Ring, has to say about the matter and said “Michael Ring did an interesting interview on Newstalk last night and was discussing where MMA is in Ireland”. He said the minister kept referring to MMA as a new sport but Mr Mahoney said that we’ve been talking about Conor McGregor for a few years now and MMA is not a new thing, which is true.

Overall I thought this was a very interesting podcast and I think the interview with Donny Mahoney was very strong. He gave a lot of information about the sport, a sport which many people in Ireland are not familiar with. I think this podcast provided a lot of much needed clarification around this particular subject.


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