7 Secrets to Savoring the Sidelines

7 Secrets to Savoring the Sidelines
Most of us do not grow up with the dream of becoming the BEST BENCHWARMER EVER.
there is much to be savored on the sidelines.
**Leaving white space between “secrets” is intentional. Let each # take you a little deeper than a dugout.

#1 Front row seats to learn from the finest

#2 Opportunity to encourage others when they are pulled from the game

#3 An opening to actively participant in bandaging up the beaten up

#4 The freedom to offer water to the weary and refreshment to the worn out

#5 The privilege of holding a seat for the one in dire need of a rest

#6 Space to grow in the secret place

#7 Time to master the art of BEING READY

Natural ability will only carry us so far. In fact, natural ability will carry us right over a cliff without the guardrail of integrity. Without humility, we are headed for a head-on collision. Character is formed on the sidelines and if the sideline does not precede the spotlight, the spotlight will make sure we are humbled, one way or another.

When we are forced to learn humility center stage, it is often dressed in the technicolor coat of humiliation, and no one wants that.

Learning to savor the sidelines is one wise step in becoming who we were truly created to be.

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