I spent four years (full and part time) providing free psychotherapy to poor and traumatized…
Dr Duncan Riach

Thanks for sharing your story Duncan. Your article is echoing many themes that I have been contemplating upon lately. After quitting a 2-years long consulting job in NYC, I am reorienting my life goals and philosophy. My husband and I came into consensus that money shouldn’t be trapping our lives, but rather as a means to allow us living more freely. Unfortunately, the capitalism model has sucked too many of us into this blackhole where we are too blindfolded to really think about personal finance management and true financial independence. After reading stories of people who have chosen to live against the mainstream norm of having a 9–5pm job such as Mr. Money Mustache, Millennial Revolution, and of course you, we are itching to take a different direction in life and try to achieve true financial autonomy. More important, to also find and pursue our passion in life that would hopefully contribute to making this world a better place. Thanks again for sharing your story!

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