It’s not why you think

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I debated (pun unintended) in my mind on watching the first Presidential Debate, knowing it would anger, frighten, and maybe even bore me.

If I didn’t watch, I could always read critiques and summaries later and get the highlights of who said what or who flopped. However, as a person who believes we should not fall into confirmation bias in our research of news items of the day, I realized I needed to watch the debate myself, knowing it would be a train wreck.

The first time Trump talked over Biden and Moderator Wallace, I had a physical reaction. My…

Because this is all we can think about

No, kids don’t NEED a graduation ceremony.

No, your kids won’t be emotionally scarred NOT having a birthday party.

The fire truck/ambulance/police vehicle drive-by’s are annoying af.

Democrats that don’t agree with you aren’t “snowflakes.” Nor are they “libtards.” In fact, using the term “libtard” is as offensive as using “retard” in a derogatory or mean-spirited manner.

Republicans that don’t agree with you aren’t to be called names either.

Don’t like being forced to stay home, wear masks, social distancing, or any other government mandates? Suck it up, sunshine. …

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Between worrying about my family, my home, city, county, state, country, and the entire world; I’ve found myself with a self-diagnosed case of Covid Brain™️.

There’s the general quarantine symptoms, such as wondering if it’s March, April, or sometime in the year 2021. Questioning if it’s winter or spring. Maybe summer?

Debating if it’s even worth getting up and out of bed each day. Yes, I’m still working.

Wondering what this all means. Is it the wrath of Mother Nature? Is she saying, “Listen here, you parasites! I’ve had it with your shit! Now sit the fuck down! Ohhhh! I…

White sands and salty air

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As a lifelong Midwesterner, by the time I turned 35, I’d still never seen the ocean. I never thought I would. Little did I know then, that while I was born between the corn, my happy place was salty air in my hair.

By my 36th birthday, I had visited the ocean a few times. Swam in the Atlantic waves, watched dolphin pods from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, and even thought I saw a bloated dead body bobbing in the Gulf. …

Even if you hate it

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Whether you’re trying to find a remote job, already work from home, or are in a temporary work-from-home situation due to the C-word, there are many tips and tricks I’ve learned as a remote worker to help make your home into a great workspace, even if it’s temporary.

Keep Your Schedule

While you may get a few more moments of sleep once you no longer have a 45-minute commute to an actual office, that doesn’t mean you should sleep in. Keep setting your alarm for the same time (or maybe just a few minutes later) to give yourself time to wake up, get…

The C-Word

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I’ll admit it. I am anxious about the coronavirus, or as I like to call it, the C-word. Not the usual C-U-Next-Tuesday C-Word, this one is different.

My first question to my friends and family when they tell me they are anxious about something is to ask them, “What, exactly, about this is making you anxious the most?”

Followed by, “What’s the worst possible thing that could happen?”

Because I have depression and anxiety, I am a worst-case-scenario type of gal. I once had an affair (while married to my Ex) with an equally married man. One rainy day, we…

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At least not how you want them to.

Women sure do love bad boys. Men really like their damsels in distress. I know. I used to have a thing for rough guys who I knew would be better if someone (me) just loved them enough. I mean, isn’t that was all those TV dramas and rom-coms have taught us, love is enough to change a person for the better?

While it’s often romanticized in books, shows, and movies, the reality is often very different. Not only that, but the entire reasoning behind wanting to change someone doesn’t add up. …

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Even when life happens

I have several friends who I used to talk to every single day. Friends that, today, I probably only text once a month, if that. There are others that don’t hear from me even that often. Then there are the ones that feel like we’ve either outgrown the friendship or evolved away from it in some way.

This is all natural. It’s just the way it goes. Especially when life changes happen or jobs or family keep us busier than we used to be.

One of my oldest friendships has gone through a roller coaster of changes. Kelly Freeman and…

It’s just a head game

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I dreamed last night that I was in a “love triangle,” not unlike a couple I’ve actually put myself in. Only my suitors were John Krasinski (The Office, A Quiet Place, Jack Ryan, all around thirst trap) and my ex-husband of over a decade. John K. was a newbie in my dreams, but ExHubs is a recurring character. Maybe because we talk on a regular basis about co-parenting our children. But more likely because I was in a “love triangle” with him before.

A triangle generally means three, so you can imagine a love triangle is a situation involving three…

From a recovering cheater

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Cheaters gonna cheat. In life, love, and business. When I think of cheating in a relationship, I also think of cheating on a test. Why would someone cheat in either scenario?

In 8th grade, a friend got her hands on the Science final test. She was going on vacation and took the test early. In the office. Next to the copy machine. So she did what a lot of teenagers would do. She made three copies. Part of my brain recalls the answers also being available, but that was a long time ago.

I was failing Science class. Acing the…

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