Get inspired — Not jealous.

I love getting inspired by people. No matter if they are famous or not. If they achieved some spectacular goals that made them well-known or they are just living in the countryside growing vegetables. If only those people are passionate about their lives they are my heroes.

But recently I caught myself being jealous instead of inspired. I was reading about girls in IT that have established several successful startups and were mentioned in the media all over the world. They were such a young girls! So without any thinking I started to do the calculations whether I’m older than them or nor. Seriously, I was counting my age. But somewhere in the middle of the equations I realised that what I’m doing is stupid and have no sense at all. So, why was I doing that?

The answer is easy. Because I was jealous of their achievements. Instead of getting as much I can from their stories I started to feel pity I’m not them. That I was not the one who had this brilliant idea. That I was not the one who implemented it in the world. That I was not the one…

Me, checking out achievements of others.

Luckily, I realised quite fast that there is nothing (NOTHING!) to be jealous of. Those girls achieved great things and I’m truly proud of them. In fact, you all should. Because building upon inspiration is great. And envy is just getting you down.

So, I have this one thought for you today: Get inspired. Never jealous. No matter how trivial it is — it’s true.

*Trust me, I’m a psychologist (to be).

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