Are you an entrepreneur? How can you tell?

You’ve already asked yourself, “What defines someone as an entrepreneur?” and maybe wondered, “Am I one?”

The word entrepreneur itself is being used a lot these days and has taken on many forms. I’m sure you already knew that just by scrolling through Instagram. Have you ever noticed how many different variations of entrepreneur there are?

I’m willing to bet that in less than a minute you’ll run into user names like: mompreneur, dadpreneur, freedompreneur, travelpreneur, coffeepreneur, youngpreneur, digitalpreneur, fitpreneur, happypreneur, videopreneur, solopreneur, successpreneur, lazypreneur, leisurepreneur, lifestylepreneur, preneurmom, preneurgirl, preneurboy, preneurpreneur.

Okay, I added the last one becuase that’s funny. But you get my point. Heck, if you go to myFacebook profile, I use “Auntrepreneur”. Thanks. Clever. I know.

Maybe you too already call yourself a “whatever”preneur, which is fine. However, the word entrepreneur is being used by people who think they are entrepreneurs when they are not.

Wait, before you get too pissed off just hear me out first because I was pissed off at first too when I was told the same thing until I realized why.

There has been this question floating around for a while: “Is being an entrepreneur something someone is born as? Or can it be a learned skill?”

First of all, no one is “born” an entrepreneur. Fact is, we’re all born with a blank whiteboard, if you will, where our behaviors, habits, influences, and beliefs start to get “written for us” by our parents and the people they bring us around like teachers, babysitters, other family members, friends and business associates.

So can anyone be born a entrepreneur? No. It’s formed. That means if the child isn’t born into entrepreneur, like me, other kids like me had to learn the skill later in life rather been influenced into it. But only if we wanted to learn.

Let’s go over some characteristics of an entrepreneur JUST in case you would like to learn the skills. Chances are, you may already be an entrepreneur and didn’t know it

An entrepreneur is a leader.

That’s it. Period. They make all the right decisions in order for their goals to be met. This does NOT mean knocking down someone else’s tower in order for theirs to be the tallest. Integrity and honesty should always come first and last.

An entrepreneur takes all the risks. By definition: person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

An entrepreneur can recognize that something needs to change and changes it immediately without the expenses of others. (Remember the tower analogy.)

An entrepreneur doesn’t allow their ego to get in the way and are not afraid to use “I don’t know” for an answer when they don’t know. Then follows up with “Let me see if I can find that out and get back to you” and gets back to that person promptly.

An entrepreneur finds their own mentor who are “smarter” than they are. That means leaders can “outgrow” their current mentors and find someone who will help them reach the next level. Happens all the time and I encourage it immensely.

An entrepreneur stays focused on the task at hand where every minute will count towards getting closer to reaching thier goals. This means they won’t waist their time watching useless shows on TV — in the exception of watching the stock markets.

GaryVee made a good point when he said:

An entrepreneur will utilize any given time to work on their goals. If that means working from 8 at night until 2 in the morning because with the internet, 8pm-2am is just as useful as any other time of the day.

And if you prefer all that downtime over the upside of building your own business. I honestly think that’s great! That’s totally fine, but you’re not allowed to complain about how much you hate your job, just like I am not allowed to complain about my lack of free time or sleep.